GVB Gear ME116 Bi-Color Slim On-Camera Light

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The On-Camera LED Light Accessory Kit For Your Best Looking Low Light Shots

When you want the perfect photo or video in the not-so-perfect lighting, you can count on GVB Gear’s Bi Color LED On-Camera Lights to come to your rescue. So lightweight and small you can take it with you anywhere, you can transform any shot you take by giving it the optimal lighting it needs to look its best.

Mounted directly to your camera, our bi color LED lights are perfect for videos or photographs taken in low or dark lighting.

An essential camera accessory no professional photographer can do without, you can elevate all of your final products, posting your work to your website and social media accounts. Our small LED light is great for live videos, too!

The ME116 by GVB Gear features:
- High brightness
- 116 bi color LED lights
- Soft light output
- Compact, lightweight design (less than 1 pound!)
- Powerful light for dark, low light environments
- Intelligent energy consumption
- Honeycomb design

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade the look and feel of your YouTube videos or Instagram photos, this is the lighting solution you need.

Product specifications:
- 116 LEDs Bi-color from 3300-5600K color temperature
- 810 Lux HD display
- Uses AC Power or Sony NP batteries (not included)

Kelvin Range CRI 32k CRI 56k LUX 32 k 3ft LUX 32k 6ft Dimming
33-56k  (3034-5200) 98 97 177 47 20-100%

Make every shot you capture vivid, no matter the lighting! See the difference today and click “Add to Cart” now!